Our Appraisal Process and Fees

Raw Cards:

We charge a $500 one time nonrefundable fee to start the appraisal process on raw cards. Once we receive your cards, we will have a phone call to discuss next steps. Before we begin the official appraisal process, we will sort through your cards and decide which ones will be ‘worth’ an appraisal. This is included in the upfront payment.

We’ll chat with you to help you decide which of your cards should get the official appraisal; authenticating and grading included.

We charge $30 per raw card. After we receive your cards we’ll need to get them authenticated and graded. We use a 3rd party grading and authenticating service that takes 2 weeks to authenticate and grade all your cards. After that process is complete, we will then be able to appraise them at an accurate fair market value.

Graded/Slabbed Cards:

If you send cards to us already graded and slabbed, we charge $15 per card. No upfront fees. Every 100 graded cards takes 2 hours of labor, and the final report takes another 1 hour to compile.

Our Process:

We accept cards to be mailed to us. Our location is on our contact page. You need to provide an inventory of your cards, and number each one so it corresponds to the inventory you provide. An excel file will work if you want to email the inventory list to us. Or just type out your inventory and include it in your package.

After we receive your cards and verify the contents, we’ll call you and talk through your options. You can pay in several different ways, but Paypal is preferable.

At the end of the process, you’ll receive an official appraisal report that can be used for tax purposes and is compliant with IRS form 8283 if you will be donating any of the cards as non cash charitable items.